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Quality Assurance Audits and Consulting

We specialize in providing cost-effective and professional quality consulting and training for ISO 9001 and AS9100, and associated auditing services.  These quality management services are tailored to your individual business needs, will support your continual improvement and customer satisfaction processes, and help improve your company processes and operational performance.

We focus our value-added quality consulting and auditing services on your organizational needs, performance levels, and bottom-line results.  Certified & experienced consultants and ANAB ISO 9001 and AS9100 auditors are utilized on consulting projects, auditing, and performing the associated auditor training for a number of quality management system standards that include:

ISO 9001, AS9100, & TL 9000


Once we determine your organizational needs, our consultants will provide you with the expertise and coaching needed to correctly interpret the intent of the particular quality standard and its application within your management system.  

We work with you to achieve your quality system certification goals in a more timely manner by: preparing you for the assessments, illuminating on the new process-based audit approach as a result of the new ISO 9001 based standards; and utilizing our experience in this field to better serve your needs. Our consultants are certified ANAB QMS ISO 9001 Lead Auditors and AS9100 Aerospace Industry Experienced Auditors (AIEA's), and have many years experience auditing quality management systems for international registrars and other organizations. Therefore, we know their certification requirements and expectations, which enables us to provide you with effective and efficient  certification consulting and training services.


We have many years of hands-on experience in quality management and engineering; and developing, implementing, training, and auditing quality management systems and the associated processes.  We have worked directly in and consulted companies in a variety of industries, including: aerospace, manufacturing, automotive, electronics, telecommunications, petrochemical, software, rail transportation, and heavy construction.  These companies range in size from small to larger organizations with hundreds of employees.

Should you be interested in some of the more recent developments in quality management standards and guides, click on the Standards tab link.

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